Why write a blog?

Why write a blog? I am not a person of endless words who loves the sound of my own voice. I am rather, a more introverted people person (yes that’s possible). I enjoy other people, most of the time, and genuinely desire to help others, to teach, to encourage, and to share. I enjoy sharing what I have learned, what I have created, and hope to inspire others to use their creativity; or their many other God-given gifts.

Most importantly of all. I spent some time praying about a year ago asking God to give me clear vision for my future; for the plans he had in store for me. I was feeling, once again, like I have a few times in my life, that I was at the beginning of some sort of new journey. Feeling that what I was doing at that time wasn’t exactly, what God wanted for me. I spent at least a couple of hours one morning ,after dropping my girls off at school, praying and seeking an answer. This is the answer I felt I received. It was a moment of clarity I felt had to be recorded before my procrastination allowed it to be forgotten, so I typed it quickly into the notes section of my phone:

I was a teacher for 10 years. That’s how I defined myself. Then, a Pampered Chef consultant/director for 4 years, that’s how I defined myself. Then, a vision for God’s plan for me:

I am a wife and mother, homeschool teacher, a Bible study teacher, Blogger, Sewing instructor, and crafter/artist. I seek to be a friend, spiritual leader for my children, and apple of God’s eye; a favored child who does her father’s will, obeys his commands, and serves through His example.

I have hesitated for a year now, so here it goes…I make mistakes, loose my patience, and fall short of goals daily. I’m not an eloquent writer; will make countless grammar mistakes, but here I go. Publishing my first blog post.

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