DIY Valentine Pennant- Vintage Hankie LOVE

Turn vintage hankies from garage or estate sales, or grandma’s trunk into a beautiful banner to express your love. Read on to learn how….
Photo of our family holding the LOVE banner. It was a windy spring day so we couldn’t get it to photograph well that morning, but I was glad to get a piece of something so personal into our family photo shoot:


Here’s how I made it.

You will need:
_4 vintage or reproduction handkerchiefs
_1 circle crochet doily
_Letter stencils
_Paint Brush and palette
_6 feet 3/4″ grosgrain ribbon
_4 feet extra wide satin blanket binding

Carefully press each hankie with an iron, using a press cloth and spray starch. If you choose to use a circle doily, as I did, for your letter “O” you will pin it into place on the hankie and use either a large zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine or hand stitching to attach it to the center of the hankie.

Protect your painting surface using freezer paper, foil, or other waterproof surface. Use a piece or two of Scotch tape to keep your stencil in place. Carefully paint in the inside of the

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